Welcome to my world of design!
Highlane Creative, a creative space where using my knowledge and experienced graphic, advertising, marketing and digital design skills and industry expertise to bring unique ideas to life. Ensuring my clients have minimum stress, feel comfortable throughout the entire process and just have the best fun ever!

With a bachelor of arts, creative advertising and graphic design major, has allowed me to work with well-recognised ASX100 listed companies completing some of the most complex design projects in Western Australia, Perth and also working closely with individual clients around Australia. I am inspired daily by industry professionals and individuals, which allow me to keep up to date with the current trends within the design industry and forever being inspired by other gifted, innovative, and stylish creatives around the world.

Learning and researching, always challenged and engaging in different design projects with the support of new and existing clients. You can create your first design here with anything you love and it could soon be featured on our Instagram or if you would like to share any of our images and work, please ensure that credit is provided. (It is a legal obligation to ensure copyright is noted should the image be re-shared).  

For further information, collaborations and quotesplease visit my ‘Contact’ page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you all so much!

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Olivia, Highlane Creative.

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